Engineered Truss Systems

Southline Steel Industries specializes in the design and manufacture of engineered roof and floor truss systems.   Our engineered systems use only industry-standard components (C-Stud and U-shaped track) rather than proprietary shapes that are often engineered with lighter gauges. 

To get your roofing or floor truss system started, simply supply our engineering staff with your plans and general requirements.  We will work with you to determine spans and loading requirements based on the building code in the project area, and provide you with shop drawings and a PE-approved structural analysis.   The final delivery includes the truss system, connectors, and recommended best practice for deployment.  Contact a sales representative today for a quote on your next truss system at (850) 835-0301 or email to

Click Here for a introduction to defining, designing, manufacturing and installing steel roof trusses.

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